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Frequently asked questions

How is your traffic produced?
The way we deliver visitors to our customer's website is through Networking & Domain Redirection. Redirection is known as a automated process that's totally invisible to internet customers. Specialist website services also alert us when domain names have expired within the last 12hrs. Then we use other internet tools to guage the levels of traffic. Also the domains are registered and traffic directed to our server.

Explain why my Hit Counter doesn't match up 100% with your Stats?
Yes - most of the time third party stats are inaccurate during a high volume of traffic. Everytime your site is produced to a visitor by our server, our stats will register one visitor. The visit will not register in your stats if that visitor closes the site before it loads, but will register in our stats. The obligation has been fulfilled because our stats have shown your ad.

Explain your payment options and conditions?
We accept payments through paypal using certain types of credit cards such as visa, mastercard, and also checking account or current paypal balance.

Please explain the delivery periods of your traffic campaigns?
Within 30 days most campaigns are completed. But depending on the country you choose some campaigns may last up to 45 days. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. website traffic.

Is it true that this is 24 hour unique traffic?
Yes, when it comes to the traffic we deliver it is 24hr unique.

Are pop-ups allowed on my website?
Sorry, no additional pop-up windows are allowed.

Explain how do i check my stats?
You will receive a link through email, here you'll be able to view your campaign's status during progress.

Will i be accused of using spam methods or do you use spam?
Absolutely no. We don't utilize fake techniques to deliver traffic to our client's website. guaranteed traffic.

Are any restrictions placed on the content of my site?
Websites that contain FRAME-BREAKING and additional POP-UP WINDOWS are not accepted. Also while campaigns are in progress DOWNLOADING is not allowed.

When will my traffic campaign begin?
Usually within a few hours of taking your order. Asap - please contact us to verify your order if you don't receive confirmation within 24hrs.

Can you guarantee that i will make more sales?
No we don't guarantee sales. This will depend on what you're selling on your website also the presentation and layout of your site. One thing we do guarantee and that is to deliver thousands of guaranteed customers to your website, you have to make the sales. Chances are, that visitors will make a purchase if they like what you have to offer. One more thing, imagine that your item cost $30 then only 1 out 1,000 customers buys: with 10,000 customers, this would be $300 gross profit and with 100,000 customers you would get $3,000! Now imagine yourself receiving 10 buyers for every 1,000. buy website traffic.